January Favorites

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January has been the month of discovering new products, many of which I have fallen in love with and some not so much. Here are a few of those products that have been the highlight of this month. Continue reading


A Little Rebranding Never Killed Nobody!

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For those of you who have been following my blog, something may seem a little different. I’VE RE-BRANDED!! To any newcomers, let me explain. Previously, this here blog was known as Quirks and Getups, a title I created with the intentions to strictly post about fashion and my personal style. But with the new year still in its beginning stage, why not introduce a new and improved brand? Continue reading

Inspiration Boards Inspiration

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Earlier this month I got the idea to finally create inspiration boards. I’ve never created inspiration boards before, because I didn’t know exactly what to put on them or how to make it look pretty and organized, and some of you may have that same problem. Some of you may think this is a cheesy idea, but it’s always good to stay motivated and to remind yourself that you are important. Continue reading

My Winter Essentials

Quirks- Winter Essentials

Depending on where you live, winter can be the most dreaded time of year. The cold, thin air and harsh wind has you shivering all the way to your destination and does damage to your skin that even the sorcery of makeup won’t help much. Although you’ve probably reasoned with yourself that staying warm and cozy in bed is the better decision, somehow you’re going to have to tough it out. Here are my top five items to not only keep warm, but to prevent your skin from looking like dragon scales! Continue reading