Tea Talks // Street Fairs & Other Things // Week 5

IMG_8615Brick Lane // 18 October 2015

Sunday was a day filled with street markets and art fairs, which led me to ask myself, “Why don’t I have more money?” I mean seriously. All I want to do is buy lots of art, items that I don’t need at the many street markets here in London and lots of food. Is that too much for a girl to ask?? No but really, east London may be my new favorite place on the planet! Street markets are my weakness.

Something else that I greatly appreciate about London is the enormous art scene! I went to an art fair at the Old Truman Brewery called The Other Art Fair with one of my flatmates. There is nothing like this in Georgia! No piece of art was the same, every artist had a completely unique style, from photography to graphic design to illustrations, and all I want is an apartment to fill with art!!

Tuesday answered any questions and concerns I had about my future career, which as a senior in college, I have a lot. I got to spend the day shadowing at Alex Silver PR, which I had never heard of before until I turned to the world wide webz to search for my summer internship, but I’m super glad I found this place! As it turns out, my quirky way of writing has a place in PR after all! I spent the day writing press releases for beauty companies and bands and my oh my did I fall in love with public relations all over again!

On Wednesday I visited the BBC Studios with my study abroad group, which was super cool even though I mistakenly thought we were visiting BBC radio and I would possibly run into one of my favourite YouTubers, Jack Howard, but ya know, it’s cool. BBC Studios does a lot more than news broadcasting, which is what I originally thought, but they also do the comical skits and I even got to read and record a script!

I miss having wifi wherever I go. I know I sound like such an American right now, but I didn’t realise how important something as small as wifi would be, especially when you only have a 250 MB data plan for the month. I’m struggling y’all. But on the bright side, today I received my signed copy of my queen Tyler Oakley’s book “Binge” ahhhgjkdhsjkads!!!!

On Friday I finally decided on my photo project idea, I think. I would like to do something that brings awareness to mental health issues, like depression, bipolar disorder, bulimia, etc. My plan is to do something like multiple exposure to portray the deterioration of the mind or the multiple emotions going through a person’s mind with a mental health issues. This is more for the photographers reading this (who actually no what they’re doing, unlike me), but if you’ve done anything like this or have suggestions, let me know in the comments! Also, why the heck is fiber-based paper so expensive?!

12244407_10203848960383123_2310798297778211467_oIllusions // Anna Fafaliou
12238222_10203848961463150_4994466329899631438_oNot Formed Yet // Anna Fafaliou
12239450_10203848961503151_5988790599449323830_oCharlotte Edey
12244544_10203848960263120_3536474921772015101_oAvatar // Carolina Mizrahi


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