Tea Talks // Celebrating Apple Day // Week 6


I started the week off at Borough Market with my flatmates celebrating none other than Apple Day. If you have no idea what this is or what it represents, don’t worry, neither do I. But it sound like a fun idea and to an extent, it was. There were so many people and so much love for apples! Bread flying through the air, grown (actually elderly) men dancing and singing in ridiculous costumes and lots of eating on my part: chicken dumplings, a lamb burger, cheese tasting, rosemary and olive oil bread, a giant white chocolate cookie and a brownie…I love food ok. Street markets always reveal just how much I can eat and I feel no remorse whatsoever. We ended up going to Primrose Hill afterwards, which I almost didn’t do because the word “hill” somehow equated to a mountain in my brain and I was not ok with that. But sitting surrounded by bright green grass, beautiful autumnal leaves overlooking the city was well worth the slight incline. Autumn is better in England! Hell, everything is better in England!

On Tuesday I took my first train ride in England!! To you this may seem like a mediocre event, if an event at all, but for me to travel somewhere on my own without getting lost is a miracle. Seriously, even if I’m using Google Maps I can and WILL get turned around. But my first trip was actually to Birmingham to visit the cool people over at Canvas, which even though is a community to bring university students closer to God, it’s more of just a ‘come as you are, enjoy a free meal and just enjoy the company of other cool people’ type thing! Going to Canvas was actually a pretty exciting part of my week since they’re affiliated with my campus ministry back in The States and actually reminds me a lot of it! For a few hours I felt like I was back with my people at Kudzu (my home campus ministry); I felt like I was at home. I’m pretty sure I even met more British people in those few hours than I have the entire time I’ve been in England! And to top off the trip, I experienced a traditional english breakfast the next morning, which was pure delight!

Saturday was Halloween; a day filled with chocolate, wine, an hour long search for microwavable popcorn (which I didn’t even find!!) and watching Halloween movies in bed. And I’m okay with that.

IMG_8232 IMG_8234


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