Tea Talks // Christmas Things and Wales // Week 7

FullSizeRenderOxford Street Christmas lights // 01 November 2015

Hi my name is Lexi and I am a Christmas addict.

Christmas has begun in England and my heart is full of joy!!! To describe my love for Christmas is impossible, but because Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in England to get in the way of the holiday cheer, I get to start celebrating a little bit earlier! And it’s only November 1st!!!! I started of the week at the Oxford Street Christmas Lights concert thing (I don’t really know what to call it), which is a lighting ceremony to start off the holiday season! If you know who Gabrielle Aplin is, she performed and her voice is exactly the same as on her albums and YouTube videos! I basically experienced a mini Gabrielle Aplin concert and I didn’t have to pay for it *insert praise hands emoji*! Kyle Mynogue made a minor appearance as well. Even though her name seemed to plaster every promotional product for the event, apparently she’s too famous to perform for a fairly large crowd occupying London’s busiest street in bone-rattling weather. At least she was there to count backwards from 10….

Aaaand fast forward to the end of the week. I usually don’t make big decisions on a whim, but a couple of weeks ago I made an impromptu decision to go to Wales with the people at Canvas and this was easily one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! First off, I was asked to photograph the happenings of the weekend, which already jumpstarted my excitement! Not only was this weekend filled with fun games, silly skits, A LOT of delicious foods and a pretty awesome bonfire, I also got to know a lot of the people more on a personal level! Keep in mind that I had only gone to one other Canvas event, so for me to go on a weekend trip with a bunch of people I had never met AND to connect with the majority of them makes for a pretty damn good way to end a week!

IMG_7782 IMG_7901 IMG_7868Powys, Wales // Canvas Weekend Away// 07 November 2015




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