Tea Talks // When in Barcelona // Week 8

barc4Barceloneta Beach // 12 November 2015

In the future when you are planning your much needed vacation (or holiday for those in the U.K.), go to Barcelona!I’ve been infatuated with Barcelona ever since I first saw Cheetah Girls 2 (I’m serious) and even though my dream is still to live in London, Barcelona may just be my new favourite city!

My day annoyingly began at 5 a.m., but once I stepped out into those beautiful Barcelona sun rays, there were nothing but good vibes! I opted for an Air BnB during my mini vacation, it’s the cheapest and you don’t have to worry about leaving your things in a room you share with complete strangers like you would in a hostel! This place was is in the perfect location near the Gothic District and in the centre of the true culture of Barcelona! My friend and I discovered a list on BuzzFeed (my saviour while in Europe) of the top places to visit in Barcelona and ended up eating at Salterio, where I discovered my love for sangrias!! After we stuffed ourselves, we thought why not eat some more and found a cute little bakery and ice creamery called Chocolat-Box; I actually think their creme brûlée ice cream was sent from heaven!


Wednesday was a day filled with more delicious Spanish foods and wandering around this gorgeous city! We started the day with lunch (don’t judge) at Mi Burrito y Yo where we got the Menu of the Day special for under 12 euros! There are restaurants all over Barcelona with similar deals, so take advantage of it! We spent a few hours walking along Las Ramblas and the Gothic District in awe if the copious amount of vibrant art from various vendors before walking down to the port and enjoying a waffle covered in chocolate. Later we followed that BuzzFeed article to another bar and ran across a lovely restaurant called La Pepita, where we enjoyed, you guessed it, pepitas. To be honest, I still don’t know what a pepita is exactly but the food was delicious, decently priced for how upscale the food seemed and there were cool writings all over the walls from previous customers. Not to mention the bartender was pretty easy on the eyes! We made our way over to Old Fashioned Cocktail Bar, enjoyed a couple mojitos from the most dapperly bartender I’ve ever seen and ended the night at Chocolat-Box on Carrer de Jaume once again, but still just as delicious!

The last day of this perfect sunny vacation came around too quickly! I spent the day at Barceloneta Beach soaking in the vitamin D, eating paella by the seaside and a waffle drowning in Nutella! I don’t know about you, but this is pretty much my ideal way to end a vacation!

**Pro tip: If you end up vacationing in Barcelona, make sure you have enough cash for the bus ride back to the airport to prevent running around looking for an atm that will mercilessly charge you 5 euros to use. The buses do not take credit cards and the banks close around 2 or 3 p.m. WHY?

barc1 barc3 barc2


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