Tea Talks // All The World’s A Stage // Week 9

d2681384-d44f-4d23-ba96-6f6322452c21River Avon // 21 November 2o15

This week I visited Stratford-Upon-Avon; the home of William Shakespeare and where beer is cheaper than water. 

First off, the day started off so disrespectful! It was snowing when I left to meet my study abroad group and it was without a doubt the coldest it has been in the now 12 weeks (still behind on blog posts) that I have been in this country; and of course on the day that I would be outside all day. But I will say that Stratford-Upon-Avon was wonderful in all of its Christmas-y greatness! Shakespeare’s never been on my ‘incredible literature’ list (not that I have one anyway), but since this trip was included in the price of my study abroad program, I figured what the hell! It was actually pretty cool how well the original architecture was preserved throughout the city, Shakespeare’s home included. It’s kind of like you’re walking through a little fairytale town, half expecting little gingerbread men to jump out! Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a really nice getaway town to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy local shops!

Warwick Castle was pretty cool too…except for the tower of doom! Look, I’m all about the plethora of castles in England and all the history kept within those walls, but those steps did me in! It starts off with just a few steps to get to the first level to overlook the main part of the castle and you think, “Oh this isn’t half bad. I can do this!” Wrong. There must have been a step for every year that castle has been around! And one thing about the steps in these castle towers is that they aren’t rectangular in shape and they don’t go straight up; they’re more like this:

And the width is smaller near the tower portion in the middle, making the steps more triangular. So then not only are your legs giving out halfway through, but you’re also super dizzy. But like I’ve said before, Autumn is so beautiful in England so the view of the changing leaves and rolling hills from the top made it {somewhat} worth it!

IMG_8261 Shakespeare’s Childhood Home

IMG_8276 IMG_8661


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