Tea Talks // Thanksgiving in England // Week 10


Thanksgiving is my least favourite holiday. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday centred around a turkey, hundreds of thousands of people fight over material things and pieces of plastic just hours after they give thanks for what they already have and most importantly there is no holly jolly music for Thanksgiving! That in itself is reason enough to bid farewell to this so-called holiday (jk, but not really).

However this Thanksgiving was quite a special one for me, 1) because I’m in England and 2) because for the first time I realised that I have some pretty amazing people in my life. While I was sitting on the floor in the Canvas building cutting out leaves in various autumnal colours, I received a group text from one of my roommates back in The States that read:

Happy Thanksgiving roomiez!!! So thankful to have your sassy, unemotional, sarcastic asses in my life [upside down smiley face emoji] love y’all [heart emoji]

Let’s highlight the “unemotional” part for a second. It is very rare for any of us to get all sappy and emotional and I’m thankful for that! It’s not often that you meet people that just understand your ways, no matter how unattached and sarcastic you are, but I have three and I’m thankful to have their sassy, unemotional, sarcastic asses in my life too [smiling poop emoji]!

I also started thinking about the people at Kudzu—the campus ministry I go to in Georgia—and how I just miss being weird and goofy with every single one of those people every Thursday night! Also, I swear A LOT—even when I am before the Lord—and they understand that I have essentially no control over what comes out of my mouth, and for that I am thankful!

Last but not least, I am thankful for my mom….and even my stepdad I guess. Although we disagree on most things, they are responsible for me even being in this amazing country for the past few months and I am grateful that they supported my dream to study abroad even when the financial odds did not look good!

Thanks peeps!



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