Tea Talks // The Most Magical Day Ever // Week 11

12316519_10203914286376232_5545874492551116978_nHarry Potter Studios // 1 December 2015

Something incredible happened this week!!

Since this incredible thing happened at the beginning of the week, I’m going to save it for the latter part of this post!

On Saturday I took advantage of one of the many free exhibitions in London and experienced “blueyellowpink” by Veronica Janssen! The reason I say experience is because this exhibition is not like any other I’ve ever come across or head of; it’s a room full of fog! Weird right? My inner child came running out as a walked through mists of pink then  yellow and blue! Since I could barely see anything beyond two feet in front of me, my senses—particularly my hearing—heightened, which came in handy to hear the many “thunks” and “gasps” in the distance (many people bumped into each other…or the wall)!


Now on to the most exciting—and important— part of the week; I went to Harry Potter Studios!!! To you non-believers, my trip to the wizarding world probably won’t sound that interesting, but this was without a doubt the best part of my time in England!! Dementors were flying, inanimate objects moved by magic (or by motion detectors) and I partially went through Platform 9 3/4! They even had the robes that each main character wore from the Sorcerer’s Stone!! From the time I walked into the building and saw that enormous and absolutely gorgeous Christmas tree to the replica of Hogwarts that left me feeling like a kid again, staring at it as if it were the eighth wonder of the world, this will be a trip that I’ll never forget!

IMG_8483 IMG_8526 IMG_8549 IMG_8551 IMG_8574 IMG_8592


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