Tea Talks // It’s Finally Hitting Me // Week 12

FullSizeRender-38 December 2015 // Winter Wonderland

It’s finally starting to hit me that I soon have to say goodbye to the first place that’s really felt like home to me in almost 10 years…

There’s just so much left do in London, and England all around, and not enough time! I find myself wandering around, staring at the most trivial things in awe; as if these old brick buildings and green grass will be the last I’ll ever see. But enough about all the emotional stuff, this week was a nice celebration of an amazing term!

A fun start to the week, I finally experienced Christmas glory at Winter Wonderland! This place is enormous! I had heard plenty about how amazing Winter Wonderland is, no matter how many times you’ve gone, but I spent three hours wandering around the place and I still don’t feel like I experienced it all to its full capacity! From adorable booths full of Christmas goodies for family and friends (or yourself) to various carnival foods (like Nutella and Belgium waffles, yum!) and ice skating (at which I fell within the first five seconds), there was plenty to do for all ages to enjoy! Now to get Georgia on the band wagon. How have I been celebrating the holiday season without Winter Wonderland?!


This week I also got to see the people at Canvas for the last time (at least until I make my way back across the pond)! The people I’ve met at Canvas are some of the most kind-hearted, welcoming and hilarious people I’ve met and though I could be sad to leave my new British (and American) comrades, I will choose to appreciate that I have even gotten to meet them! It’s not easy Brits since they’re typically more reserved when it comes to people they don’t know, but I’ve learned a lot about the British way of life from the few times that I’ve spent with them and I am grateful for that! I got to spend an evening decorating a Christmas tree, decorating (and eating) cookies, laughing at the hilarious gifts in my first White Elephant gift swap and taking photos of many smiling faces, and that’s all I could ask for!



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