Tea Talks // Goodbye for Now // Week 13

FullSizeRenderTaken 17 December 2015

A little over a month ago whilst on my flight from Barcelona back to London, I looked out of the window and was in awe of how beautiful city lights look from up high! This got me thinking about what city I may be flying over, what life is like there and, more importantly, just how small we are in this big and beautiful world, so full of adventure and opportunities!

A year ago, it was only a dream, a thought in my head that I would one day get to see the world. Although I am still quite far from this dream, I can still say that I’ve lived in another country—a different continent completely—and I’ve traveled more in these three months than I have in my 21 years of life! Before this little adventure, I had only flown once— a quick two hour flight to Boston and back—so for me to conquer my fear of flying and to live on my own in a country that I had never even been to is absolutely mind-boggling to me! In the short three months that I’ve been in this amazing country, I’ve grown to love all of its little quirks (even the ones that get on my nerves) and I will always think of England as home! So here are 10 things that I think I’ll miss the most:

  1. Primark: As much of a madhouse this place is at all times, everything was decently priced and cute, so Primark quickly became my go-to for practically everything!
  2. Ben’s Cookies: If you think store-bought Pillsbury cookie dough is even adequate, I am so sorry that you have not tasted the fluffy, rich, chocolate chunk goodness that is Ben’s Cookies. If you’ve been to England without trying Ben’s Cookies, shame on you.
  3. Free Art Museums // The art scene: If you didn’t know, the majority of art museums in London are completely free and East London is where it’s at if you want to hit up cool local artists and street markets! I’ve always considered myself to be an artsy person and the fact that there is nothing remotely close to the art scene in London where I live, kills me!
  4. The walk to Sainsbury’s: I’ll be honest, the first time I was made aware of the 12 minute long journey that I would have to make to the grocery store multiple times a week, I was not happy. But I’ve come to appreciate those times that I can just think to myself and the familiarity of the houses and local businesses that make up the quaint town of Harrow! Plus, having to walk with bags of groceries really helped me to buy only what was necessary to survive for the next few days.
  5. The accents: And not just the English accent (although I will miss that swoon-worthy accent the most)! Walking around London, you hear so many accents from around the world—Indian, German, Spanish, Swedish, etc.—which is completely different from Georgia. Seriously, someone please save me from the South.
  6. The Under/Overground: This may be a little controversial for those who are not too fond of the tube life, and granted the underground can be unreliable at times, but I just enjoyed not having to drive and deal with traffic. I could just pop in my headphones and chill out until I arrived at my destination. As for the overground, I’ve always found trains to be relaxing, and mixed with riding through the English countryside, I will most certainly miss that view!
  7. Sunsets from the Tube: I was fortunate to live in Harrow simply because the journey into the city was overground for a few stops, and if I planned my trip just right, I was able to watch the sun set through the window. I cannot explain the feeling of serenity that came over me when I saw the sky in gradient shades of blue or pink or orange for miles. I wish I had a picture to insert, but no picture would do it justice.
  8. How cheap it is to travel around Europe: I got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona, a £60 (less than $100) trip through EasyJet! It costs more than that to fly from Georgia to New York! Although I didn’t get to fly elsewhere, that didn’t stop me from looking into it! To fly from London Gatwick to Athens, Greece is less than $150; you can’t beat that!!
  9. Canvas Birmingham: As I said in my last post, the people at Canvas Birmingham are some of the most kind-hearted and welcoming people I have ever met! It hasn’t been easy meeting British people, but I’m glad I’ve gotten to know them and that I had a community of sorts while in England!
  10. How beautiful this country is: What can I say? This country is full of vibrant colors and people and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! Thanks for the good times England!



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