About Me


My name is Lexi Scott and I am a 21 year old Mass Communication student at Georgia College. I’m also a walking contradiction. Sweet and sassy, an introverted extrovert, consumed by wanderlust yet planted in the state of Georgia. I’m more self-contradictory than I can handle sometimes, but that’s ok. This same jumble of craziness has heightened my love and curiosity to learn about a wide range of things.

My entire life I’ve been surrounded by and appreciative of the arts; music, writing, fashion, food, photography, acting and, obviously, art. I could say that fashion is my one true love, but so are music, photography, writing and food (homegirl’s gotta eat)! I have different reasons for why I love each of these things, but the one common factor is that they’re all forms of self-expression. The ability to create is a form of self-expression that is unparalleled in my opinion.


A few quirks and facts:

1. I love musicals!!

2. My legal first name is Kierra. Lexi comes from my middle name!

3. My favorite animal is a wolf

4. I think roses are overrated; I prefer daisies!

5. I love almost any type of music (especially indie/alternative)

6. I prefer tea over coffee

7. I have an obsession with England


9. My favorite designers are Christian Siriano, Michael Kors, Giambattista Valli, Zac Posen, and Elie Saab

10. I am both a shopaholic and chocoholic!


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