Christmas display on a buck

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, I may now proudly display my love of Christmas without hearing from the scrooges of the world! Oddly enough, I’ve never decorated my, meaning my mom’s, house for Christmas aside from the tree and a wreath on our door. I thought I should change that! Both parts of the display were inspired by the ever-so handy Pinterest. Since I’m all about saving a dollar, I took to a nearby Dollar General to buy the materials. The only things that I couldn’t find there were the glitter, sparkly leaves and display plate, which all came from Hobby Lobby for a few bucks more! Continue reading


DIY- Shoe box crafts

image 1 Once again I took to the world wide web in search of some organization tips and tricks. As a college student, my life can get hectic pretty quickly, so it’s inevitable that my room will look like a category 5 hurricane came through it! Normal pencil holders can only hold so much and though often times they’re pretty darn cute, I’ll end up stashing them away in my desk drawer for no one to see. So I found a way to display all of my writing utensils in a way that’s cute, cheap and doesn’t take up too much space! Continue reading

DIY Jewelry Stands

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Once again it’s been quite a while since my last post, but after a bit of pondering I’ve decided to expand my blog into other realms. This post will be the first of my DIY series! I am in the midst of making over my apartment room but alas I am living on the college-kid budget, which is why Goodwill has become #1 go-to store! For the past couple years I’ve been using a black hanging jewelry organizer in my closet, but I wanted something a little more interesting and different so I turned to the world wide web (a.k.a. YouTube and Pinterest) and found these adorable DIY jewelry stands that I want to share with you guys step by step!

Continue reading