April Favorites

april favorites header If you’re at university, you’ve probably felt an immense amount of stress these past four weeks–I’m right there with you! Somehow without realizing it, many of my favorites this April have helped me deal with it all–either by filling my tummy with deliciousness or helping me wind down at the end of the day–and maybe they could help you, too! Continue reading


My Winter Essentials

Quirks- Winter Essentials

Depending on where you live, winter can be the most dreaded time of year. The cold, thin air and harsh wind has you shivering all the way to your destination and does damage to your skin that even the sorcery of makeup won’t help much. Although you’ve probably reasoned with yourself that staying warm and cozy in bed is the better decision, somehow you’re going to have to tough it out. Here are my top five items to not only keep warm, but to prevent your skin from looking like dragon scales! Continue reading