Tea Talks // It’s Finally Hitting Me // Week 12

FullSizeRender-38 December 2015 // Winter Wonderland

It’s finally starting to hit me that I soon have to say goodbye to the first place that’s really felt like home to me in almost 10 years… Continue reading


Christmas is for Giving!

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:the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble

This week’s “Whatever Wednesday” is indeed delayed because I planned to do something worth sharing this lovely Christmas morning. Serving is something that I’ve enjoyed doing for years. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting and humble people who have, in turn, humbled me. For the past 19 Christmases I’ve celebrated, I’ve received more than what I asked for, but this year I wanted to give back!

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Christmas display on a buck

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, I may now proudly display my love of Christmas without hearing from the scrooges of the world! Oddly enough, I’ve never decorated my, meaning my mom’s, house for Christmas aside from the tree and a wreath on our door. I thought I should change that! Both parts of the display were inspired by the ever-so handy Pinterest. Since I’m all about saving a dollar, I took to a nearby Dollar General to buy the materials. The only things that I couldn’t find there were the glitter, sparkly leaves and display plate, which all came from Hobby Lobby for a few bucks more! Continue reading