Tea Talks // I Don’t Want to Grow Up // Week 4

IMG_8381Changing of the Guards // 17 October 2015

The longer I stay here, the more I realize that three months isn’t long enough. Continue reading


Tea Talks // Some Things Just Don’t Work Out // Week 3

IMG_8310Tower of London // 4 October 2015

A heads up, this week was mostly filled with disappointment. No it’s not because of culture shock—which still hasn’t hit me yet even in week 6!—but because nothing was what I expected. Allow me to elaborate (and I will elaborate quite a bit, so I hope you have some time).

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Tea Talks | Week 1

IMG_7790_loggoTower Bridge // 24 September 2015

I have returned with a new series! I am currently studying in England for the semester; new country, new people, new experiences. “Tea Talks” will just be a documentation of my adventures and any tips that I stumble upon that could help some of you who may be studying in England in the future. I actually had my mind set on vlogging, but that lasted for all of one day….but here are some of the things I’ve learned from my first week abroad! Continue reading